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Wooden Toys for Parrots and Parakeets

Question: What kind of wood are safe (non-toxic) for make wooden toys or perches for parrots and parakeets?


C1: Wooden toys are good for chewing. That is why we have to take a little care about the kind of usable wood. While small birds like canaries or finches fewer chew on the wood, parrots and parakeets have a more destructive nature. Recommended safe woods are inter alia balsa, birch, basswood, maple, walnut, ash, apple or elm. C2: Not to be forgotten is manzanita wood.  Many toys and especially bird perches are made from sanded manzanita branches. Moreover manzanita is unique from the appearance. C3: Unsafed wood are cedar, cherry and plywood. C4: Always take natural wood, especially avoid pressure treated wood from home improvements or garden centers. It is treated with a lot of toxic chemicals, which can harm birds.
Definition: ash tree Ash tree (Fraxinus species) also called European ash is a tree with a silver-gray bark and compound leaves. Ash trees are often common throughout north temperate regions where it can from also forests.
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