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What is the reason for the Bird ringing?

In general the bird rings are used for the identification of birds, whether

for scientific or private purposes. The bird ring carries different datas.

The datas on a bird ring include a code of letters or numbers or a

combination of letters and numbers. From this code the identification can

be seen.

1. For the Ornithology is the bird ringing of wild birds a normal processing for studying the movement, survival and behavior of birds. The scientist can also study the biology, ecology, breeding productivity and population demography of the birds. Any record of a ringed bird, either through recapture and subsequent release, or on the occasion of its final recovery as a dead bird will tell about the life of this bird. 2. In the organized birdbreeding or birdkeeping the bird ring usually contains a code that provide informations about the ownership and the membership in a bird association.This bird rings are closed and a proof of one’s member- and ownership. Every bird association have an own design of their bird rings. Almost of bird associations in Europe offer bird rings made of aluminum, plastic or stainless steel. These bird rings can be striped over only during the first days of life. The age to ring birds with closed bird rings varies between species but is generally between 6 days (e. g. canaries) and 13 days. About the correct size of the bird ring the breeder will get informations from the bird association or the ring manufacterer. The closed bird rings also allow the birdbreeders to make different records for many motives, such as in the breeding control, for exhibitions or own statistics A closed bird ring also allows the buyer of a bird to determine the age and origin of the bird. Also the right material should be opted. Almost of hookbills need a metal or a stainless steel bird ring, while softbills can wear a plastic or an aluminium bird ring. In Europe the bird ring color is specified by the World Ornithological Confederation (C.O.M.) for their member associations.
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