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The Calcium reserves of a Zeba Finch Scientist reported that zebra finches will deplete the calcium reserve after the 5th egg. The study showed a five-egg clutch has a total calcium requirement of 89 mg, but the total calcium reserve of a female is only 90 mg.
RAZA ESPAÑOLA CANARY/ SPANISH RAZA - History - Standard Description
RASMI BOLAND CANARY - History - Characteristics & Standard



In 1994 the cobalt mutation in canaries occured the first time in the red black series. The special characteristic of the cobalt mutation is the equal colouring of the lipochrome in the area abdomen. There is no brightening of lipochrome in the lower stomach and vent  areas. The urucum mutation and the bec jaune mutation in canaries have the same effect. For a uniform understanding, the term “cobalt effect” is also used here. The “cobalt effect” occurs also in bec jaune mutations of European green finches (Carduelis chloris) and European goldfinches (Carduelis carduelis). Continue reading about the Cobalt Canary...>
Urucum Canary/Red Beak Canary - History  - Characteristics
Bec Jaune/Yellow Beak Canary - History & Characteristics