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... and why is the adminstration of Eggfood for seat-eating birds important?

           WHAT IS EGGFOOD ...

Eggfood is an essential supplement for every kind of seed-eating birds. If the birds are only feeded with seed, it will occur deficiencies in nutrients, because the seed doesn’t contain enough vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. To get a perfect condition of the birds the additional feeding of eggfood is inevitable. A good eggfood contains animals proteins, minerals (mass & trace elements) and also the essential amino acids lysine and methionine.
                         How should the Eggfood be given? We have to consider three important periods for the birds, namely the breeding period, moulting period and the resting period. For each period the administration of eggfood should be adjusted. In the breeding period, also in the preparatory and during the nesting phase the eggfood should be administered daily. Of course, for the rearing of the nestlings is also a daily administration of eggfood important. In the moulting period is the daily administration of eggfood also recommended. The breeding and the moulting period are productive periods and a stressful time for adults and young alike. During this time, the birds need a higher demand of minerals and amino acids. Eggfood contains both. In the resting period the administration of eggfood can be reduced to three times a week. It is a time of maintenance and makes less demands on feeding eggfood. Thus is ensured in each case the supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
                   What kind of Eggfood for what kind of bird? On the market a very wide range of eggfood is on offer. It is important that the birds eat the eggfood and dont’t playing around with the crumbs. Almost no difference can be found in the quality of the ingredients. For smaller birds such as gouldian finches or zebra finches are eggfood with small crumbs and for larger species such as parakeets and parrots with bigger crumbs on offer. Each canary breeder should be careful for what types of canaries is the eggfood. In general, the manufacturers offer two, some even now three types of eggfood for special types of canaries. For the yellow-grounded canaries are standard eggfood on offer. For red-factor canaries are eggfood added with sufficient artificial colouring on offer. As a further variation, a further mix now on the market, designed specifically for white-grounded canaries and canaries with mosaic-factor. This special mixtures are produced without additional artificial colouring for the avoidance of colour stains in the plumage. Eggfood is also particularly suited to admix further additives, such as vitamins, minerals and also medications. Thus, a better absorption of the additives can be achieved, especially if they are not watersoluble or the birds don’t drink so much, such as parakeets and parrots. To ensure good absorption of eggfood, it is advisable to mix the feed with a few small drops clean water, to obtain a crumbly mixture. Chopped fruit or vegetables, depending on the species of the birds, also sprouted seed are suitable variations to obtain a crumbly mixture. The administration of fresh eggfood daily should be a must for any birdkeeper, especially if it was moistened as described before. Store eggfood in a dry and cool location in a closed container.
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