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Explanation about the term mutation


What are mutations?
Comment(s): C1: 	Mutations are inherited changes in the  genes. This creates the varied colours  and appearance styles of our cage birds. This is something what we like and what make our hobby interestingly and  popular. 	In addition, also diseases can be caused by changing of genes. This is something what we don’t like. Such genetic  disorders are caused by one or more  abnormalities in the genome. They are  quite rare, but not only in humans (Down  syndrome) also in birds. An example is  the occurrence of a gentical disease in  budgerigars: Featherdusters. Besides  the unusual feathering, featherduster  have only a short lifetime. C2: 	Some years ago I contact an expert for gouldian finches in Germany.  My question was about is it questionable to pairing blue gouldians with blue  gouldians together. His answer was that it is better to breed  a blue with a normal (green) gouldian. He explained me more about his  experience. I must understand every colour mutation also like a “handicap”. It is a changing in the genetic and the bird “loses” something of the natural.

Parrots use fluorescent feathers to

attract sexual partners

Sun or good lighting in the breeding room are of great importance for the birds and for good breeding results. continue reading...> 

Fault bars, growth bars and pale bands 

Fault bars, growth bars and pale bands in birds are often confused. But it is important to know about this phenomenon, because fault bars are an indication of the bird's health and also a sign of success by partner choice and breeding. Here is a description about the deciding differences between the terms...  continue reading...>

W. Hagelberg's zoologischer Hand-

Atlas” was published between

1879-1881. The second part (Part B)

includes the part Aves (birds) is a

collection of 285 rare bird illustrations ...

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W. Hagelberg's zoologischer Hand-Atlas              
was published between 1879-1881. The second part (Part B) includes the part AVES. It’s a collection of 285 rare bird illustrations read more>