Water is an essential element for every life ...

... and also can kill every life. Many kind of parasites can live in water, because it has the best conditions to spread of pathogens. Basically water contains pathogens, whether out of the bottle from the supermarket, out of the pipe, or in every natural water source. After bathing or the intake of water with the beaks, the water will be further more infected with pathogens. When water becomes contaminated by parasites, however, it can cause a variety of illnesses. Additionally, there are also the climatic influences. In hot weather or in warmer regions the germs in the water can multiply very quickly.   Not only during the rearing, the young birds will come infected with germs. Even in older birds with a poor immune system, it may lead an outbreak of a disease, such as Black Spot in Birds, Coccidiosis, or Trichomoniasis. Even if the water is renewed every day, this is not a guarantee to have done everything. Daily renewal of water and cleaning the food and water bowls are prerequisites for a good bird health. And also protect the spreading of pathogens with natural additions, such as “Black Mineral”. “Black Mineral” can help in the fight against harmful pathogens in the water. BLACK MINERAL FOR BIRDS helps to protect the growth of bacteria, fungi, or algae (green slime).
Dirty cages and food containers are good conditions for the spread of pathogens
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Trichomoniasis, a parasite disease
Coccidiosis, a parasite disease
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The use of Black Mineral for Birds in the drinking water.