Special canary birds for exhibitions are the Type canaries, also called Posture canaries. This kind of canary are a specifically bred and selected for their special characteristics, such as size, shape or feathering. There are tall and narrow, short and big type canaries, as well as ones with smooth feathers or with frilled feathers. Don’t think the frilled type canaries need a special treatment for the feathers. All frilled type canaries are born with the special feathers. Some kind of type canaries belong to the crested varieties. Please notice, that for breeding crested canaries you will need a plainhead partner. It is very important to know, that the crest is called a Dominant Factor. If you mate two crested birds 25 % of the chicks will die. (Lethal Factor). Originally type canaries are not bred and selected for their colour or song. Nevertheless over the last years many breeders in Europe crossed over the roller song to the type canaries. This kind of canaries are called Song-Type Canaries.
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