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The Calcium reserves of a Zeba Finch Scientist reported that zebra finches will deplete the calcium reserve after the 5th egg. The study showed a five-egg clutch has a total calcium requirement of 89 mg, but the total calcium reserve of a female is only 90 mg.
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When the breeding season is getting closer, is it also important to have a look at the vent feathers. In some kind of canary species, specially in Type Canaries, is it necessary to cut the vent feathers, because of the long- and smooth-feathered characteristic, which leads to one heavily feathered vent. The sperm does not find the target. If it is not done, there is a risk that proper fertilization will not take place and eventually many eggs or the whole clutch will not be fertilized. Than a breeding success remains a coincidence. These is usually fact, when mated non-intensive x non-intensive (buff x buff). Among other things belong here to particularly the Gloster Fancy canary, Norwich canary, Crested canary, Border Fancy canary or Yorkshire canary. Also even with some kind of colour canaries is trimming of the vent feathers advantageous, especially in Mosaic canaries. The Mosaic factor is only visible in non-intensive birds. Therefore is also here usually the mating as in the Type canaries preferred. The determining factor is always the plumage density.

How to trim the vent feathers in canaries?

To trim the vent feathers you need a simple pair of small and sharp scissors. Hold the canary in one hand and hold the legs away from the scissors. During the trimming blow the feathers around the vent away, trim across the top of the belly above the vent and trim the ring around the guide feathers, but take note that you don’t cut the guide feathers (feeler) immediately. The bird needed the feeler as a guide for mating.

What happens when the feelers are also trimmed?

There is a lot of discussion about this story. Most of the fanciers prefer not to cut the guide feathers but it is not proofed, it effects the fertility or not.
To be trimmed feathers (ring around Vent)
Guide feathers (Feeler)

Why is the trimming of the

canary vent feathers recommended?