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Question: What Softfood Mix are recommended for Gouldian Finches?


C1: Broccoli, carrot, kale, egg and spinach           If you soak some seed overnight, drain it in the morning and add to the egg/ veggie mixes, your birds will enjoy it. As soaking seed are rape, sesame, quinoa, canary seed & various millet types recommendable. C2: If you use a finch seed mix that contains anything other than seeds, don't use it for soaking or sprouting. Get a finch or canary mix that is seed only, no added with dry fruit or veggie, no vitamin additives, no coloured processed pellets, only a pure seed mix. C3: Quinoa seed ist ok, but don’t feed chia or lin seed. The Gouldians consume more water and the consumption of this seed makes them permanently thinner. C4: Give linseed only in small quantity. Linseed has a positive effect on the intestinal function. But to much but too much can has a laxative effect.

Softfood Mix or special seed for

Gouldian Finches

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