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Sneezing and Wheezing in Gouldian Finches

Comment(s): C1:  Sneezing and wheezing are symptoms  of various diseases.  Without to have a look on your bird or a  vet diagnosis, is it very difficult to give a  sure recommendation. C2:	A sure sign of air sac mites. Give ivomec 1 drop a day for 3 consecutive days. C3:	If you sure that your bird have air-sac  mites, buy Scatt from Vetafarm. Scatt is   currently the best product on the market for treating air-sac mites. One drop on  the back of the head, and it will treat air- sac mites, scaley mites and other  internal parasites like worms. C4:	If you be sure that the symptoms are  caused by air-sac mites, look this recipe  from a friend in America: 1 part Ivermectin 1% sterile solution  added to 4 parts Water. Carefully add one drop of this mix in the  beak,  or...  for the drinking Water: 1 ml Ivermection 1 % sterile solution  added to 900 ml Water. C5: 	Please notice that all medicals against  air-sac mites (Moxidecton, Ivermectin  etc..) are poisons and can harm also  your bird.


One of my young Gouldian Finch is sneezing and wheezing. What is the problem and how can I safely treat my bird?
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