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       Bird Care - The Basic        Inbreeding & Line Breeding        Fundamentals of Nutrition        About the Seed in Bird Seed Mixes        What is Eggfood ?        Vitamins              Vitamin A              Vitamin D              Vitamin E              Vitamin B-Complex              Choline        BLACK MINERAL FOR BIRDS         Moringa Oleifera for Birds        Colloidal Silver for Birds              Colloidal Silver for Birds               History of Colloidal Silver              Different types of Colloidal Silver        Amino Acids        Minerals        Fatty Acids        Water  Water, the great Killer        Light is Life!        Antibiotics for Birds              What is Antibiotic?              Can Birds become resistant to antibiotics?              Antibiotic for Birds as a preventative measure?        Breeding Success is not a Coincidence        Bird Rings              Why we use Bird Rings?              Colours of Bird Rings fom 2002 - 2028              How to read a Bird Ring?              The correct Size for Bird Rings_(Intro)                    - ... for small-sized Birds  - ... for Parakeets & Parrots - ... for Loris & Lorikeets - ... for Conures - ... for Amazons  - ... for Macaws - ... for Cockatoos - ... for Pigeons       


              Canaries   Canaries General & History   Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) about Canaries   Successful Canary Breeding          - Introduction          - Part 1: Ligthing          - Part 2: Temperature          - Part 3: Feeding          - Lighting Schedule   Song Canaries - Basic Knowledge Song Canaries - German Harzer Roller Canary - Belgium Waterslager Canary - Spanish Timbrado - American Singer Canary   Colour Canaries - Basic Knowledge Colour Canaries - Beginner Guide to Genes, Mutations and   Combinations in the Canary Breeding - Overview Colour Mutations and Factors - Melanin in Canaries - Sex-linked recessive Inheritance - Sex-linked dominant Inheritance - Autosomal recessive Inheritance - Autosomal dominant Inheritance - Lipochrom Canary - Melanin Canary - Mosaic Factor in Canaries - Mosaic Canaries (Characteristics) - Cobalt Canary - Eumo Canary - Jaspe Canary - Melanin Pastel in Canaries - Mogno Canary - Opal Canary - Greywing Canary - Onyx Canary - Optical Blue Factor & Azul Factor in Canaries - Superoxidation in Canaries - Phaeo Canary - Satinette Canary - Topaz Canary - Urucum Canary/Red Beak Canary - White Wing Canary - Nero Perla Canary/                      Black Pearl Canary - Bec Jaune/Yellow Beak Canary - Cobalt Effect in Canaries - What is a Passe-Partout Canary?     Type Canaries           - History of the Gloster Fancy Canary           - General Informations about the Gloster Fancy             Canary  - History of the Raza Española Canary  - Historic and characteristic facts    of the Lizard Canary  - The London Fancy Canary  - The Columbus Fancy Canary  - The Blue Lizard Canary  - History of the Stafford Canary  - History of the Rasmi Boland Canary     Intensiv & Non-Intensiv Factor   Lumps in Canaries   Sexing Canaries   What are Red Factor Birds?   History of Red Canaries   Administration of Red Colour food for canaries   The correct amount of red colourants for canaries   How to administer Red Colour food for canaries?   What are the Feeding & Care Requirements for Mosaic Canaries?   Sexing Canaries   Trimming the Canary Vent   Canary Standard Desriptions - German Harzer Roller Canary - Belgium Waterslager Canary - Spanish Timbrado Canary - Lipochrome - Melanin - Belgian Canary - Bernoir Canary - Border Fancy Canary - Crest/Crestbred Canary - Fife Fancy Canary - Fiorino Canary - German Crest Canary - Gibber Italicus Canary - Gloster Fancy Canary - Harlequin Portuguese Canary - Irish Fancy Canary - Italian Giant Frill (A.G.I.) Canary - Japanese Hoso Canary - Lancashire Canary - Lizard Canary - Mehringer Canary - Melado Tenerife Canary - Munchener Canary - North Frilled Canary - Norwich Canary - Padovan Canary - Parisian Frill Canary - Rasmi Boland Canary - Rheinlaender Canary - Scotch Fancy Canary - South Frilled Canary - Spanish Giboso Canary - Spanish Llarguet Canary - Spanish Raza Canary - Stafford Canary - Swiss Frill Canary - Yorkshire Canary   Canaries and Birds in the Arts   Canaries in Coalmines   The Canary Moult(ing)     General about Finches  Mouthmarkings     Gouldian Finches  Characteristics Gouldian Finch  Historical overview about the breeding of Gouldian Finches  Overview Genetic Factors in GF  Colour Genetic - The Head/Beak Colour Inheritance of Gouldian Finches - The Chest Colour Inheritance of Gouldian Finches - The Body Colour Inheritance of Gouldian Finches  Colour Mutations  Colour Descriptions  The Lilac Chest Mutation in GF  Mating Examples  Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) about Gouldian Finches  Standard Gouldian Finch Thailand - Part 1: Standard Description - Part 2: More detailed Definitions to the Standard  - Part 3: Faultfinder for Exhibitions  Detailded Standard Description for Exhibitions  Topography of a Gouldian Finch     Lonchuras (include Society Finches)  Overview about the Lonchura Species  Society Finches, Bengalese Finches, Japanese Moevchen     Other Finches (Africa)            Red-headed Finch     Other Finches (Asia, Oceania)            Pink-billed Parrotfinch     Other Finches (Australia)  Black-Throated Finch  Crimson Finch  Diamond Firetail Finch  Double-Barred Finch (Owl Finch)  Long-Tailed Finch  Masked Finch  Painted Finch  Plum-headed Finch  Red-browed Finch  Red-headed Finch  Star Finch

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