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Sexing Canaries

Question: What is the proofest sign to distinguish a canary male from the female?


C1:  Sexing is hard, does any of them sing? If your bird is singing loud, than it is a male. If you never see that your bird is singing and only chirping, that not mean your bird must be a female. In the time of moult most of males don’t sing. C2: If the middle toe is longer it's a male. C3: Check the underneath and blow the feathers on the vent to the side. A male has a small “external genitalia” while a female is rounder there. C4:  Females have three same long toes. The middle toe of a male is longer than the other two toes.  C5: Use the needle trick to find out the gender of your birds. Take a needle on a thread, and hold it over your bird. If it swings back and forth it means male, if its make a circle that means female. C6: Are they moulting? New feathers grow anywhere? Check whether new feathers grow. Canary males do not sing when they are in moult.
C7: A female canary has a longer peak and the eye is above the beak middle. C8: Split them up in there own cages then the males should start to sing. You have to observe them and than sexing become easy. Males sing and are flamboyant trying to fight whiles hens are more quite calm. C9: There are several ways to control the sex. Also check the eyes. The eyes females and males are not at the same level.  Hen eyes are higher. Why did nature do it? Hen eyes are higher, as they need to be able to look out of the nest while being hatching.Here you can see a presentation:
C10:Most males sing and most females do not. The song of a male is longer and more intense, because is a sign for the courtship. The song of the female is very short, I call it “call”. Other ways to determine the sex of canaries by appearance, intensity of colour, or also demeanor are for an inexperienced breeders very difficult. In the breeding season the physical changes are observed in the vent area. The abdomen of the female is more rounded and that of the male is larger and jut out downward in the same direction as the legs. C11:You have to check the vent or see which bird sing. Keep them separate, but they should be able to see each other. When the canaries are in the right breeding condition then it is the right time to put them together. C12:The males sing intense more and longer  then the females. The female song is more low and very short. More useful informations about the topic “Sexing canaries” you can read here...> C13:Cocks sit up more upright, while hens sit more flat to the perch. When hopping hens chirp and they look more round in shape with duller colour. As well as looking at their vents and of course hen lays the eggs and cocks sing strongly. All these take experience and time to learn an to judge as nature can always prove you wrong and sometimes for example you get a singing hen.
Canary male
Canary female
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