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Replacement of Canary Eggs after Egglaying

Question: What I do with the Canary eggs after the first egg was layed? It's my first time in breeding canaries. My canary hen layed the first egg. What I do now? I heard that canary egg must take away for the first days. The problem is, I leave my home at 06:00 and come back 17:30.


C1: In this case, the best proposal is, don't interrupt and leave them alone. C2: No problem, you can put dummy eggs in when you finish your work. C3: If you haven't got the time to keep swopping eggs about just leave them. A lot of breeder don't interfere. I replace with dummy eggs because I am at home all the time. C4: I have the same problem, leave mine and never lost one bird. C5: I leave mine to it. Not breeding too large numbers for profit. It's a hobby an nature take its course. C5: Some take them out, some don't. I've done both and there are no differences except most will hatch at same time. I just let them stay I think there's more trouble something happening if you take out and replace.

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