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Feeding Peppercorn or Chilli for Birds


Can I grind fresh peppercorn or chilli into the eggfood for birds?


C1: I do know some breeder that feed chillies for their birds. C 2: The health benefits of capsicum in chilli or chilli pepper for humas are knwon, but after taking a bite myself I don’t have heart to feed it. C3: Some seedmixtures for parakeets or parrots contain also dry chillies and in my garden birds pick up the ripe chillies. Birds have a no taste for "hot" peppers or chillies as humans. English breeders were already feeding their yellow posture canary red chillies in the last century to get an orange/red colouring in the plumage. The term "Pepperbird" in canaries should be known.
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