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Family: ESTRILDIDAE (Estrildid Finch) Genus: LONCHURA Specie Lonchura atricapilla (Vieillot, 1807) - Southern Black-headed Munia, Chestnut Munia Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla atricapilla (Vieillot, 1807) Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla batakana (Chasen & Kloss, 1929) Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla brunneiceps (Walden, 1872) Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla deignani Parkes, 1958 Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla formosana (Swinhoe, 1865) Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla jagori (C. E. Martens, 1866) Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla rubronigra (Hodgson, 1836) Subspecie Lonchura atricapilla sinensis (Blyth, 1852) Specie Lonchura bicolor (Fraser, 1843) - Black-and-white Munia, Black-and-white Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura bicolor poensis (Fraser, 1843) Subspecie Lonchura bicolor woltersi Schouteden, 1956 Specie Lonchura caniceps (Salvadori, 1876) - Grey-headed Munia, Grey-headed Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura caniceps caniceps (Salvadori, 1876) Subspecie Lonchura caniceps kumusii (Hartert, 1911) Subspecie Lonchura caniceps scratchleyana (Sharpe, 1898) Specie Lonchura cantans (J. F. Gmelin, 1789) - African Silverbill, Warbling finch, Silverbill, Warbling Silverbill Subspecie Lonchura cantans cantans (J. F. Gmelin, 1789) Subspecie Lonchura cantans orientalis (Lorenz & Hellmayr, 1901)
Natural Supplement Food Most breeders give their birds vegetables or fruits for a natural vitamin supplement. What is the best choise and what are the benefits of these leaves ? read more>
Nestlings are dying The Black Spot is a common disease in canaries,finches, also in other kind of birds. During the last few years this infection has progressed. Can this disease be stopped?   
Many breeders lost their nestlings during the first days of life. In most cases the cause is unknown and many breeders make the females responsible for poor feeding.


Specie Lonchura castaneothorax (Gould, 1837) - Chestnut-breasted Munia, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura castaneothorax boschmai (Junge, 1952) Subspecie Lonchura castaneothorax castaneothorax (Gould, 1837) Subspecie Lonchura castaneothorax ramsayi (Delacour, 1943) Subspecie Lonchura castaneothorax sharpii (Madarász, 1894) Subspecie Lonchura castaneothorax uropygialis (Stresemann & Paludan, 1934) Specie Lonchura cucullata (Swainson, 1837) - Bronze Munia, Bronze Mannikin, Hooded Mannikin, Hooded Weaver, Hooded Weaver finch Subspecie Lonchura cucullata cucullata (Swainson, 1837) Subspecie Lonchura cucullata scutata (Heuglin, 1863) Specie Lonchura ferruginosa (Sparrman, 1789) - White-capped Munia Specie Lonchura flaviprymna (Gould, 1845) - Yellow-rumped Munia, Yellow-rumped Mannikin Specie Lonchura forbesi (Sclater, 1879) - New Ireland Munia, Forbes's Mannikin , Specie Lonchura fringilloides (Lafresnaye, 1835) - Magpie Munia, Magpie Mannikin Specie Lonchura fuscans (Cassin, 1852) - Dusky Munia, Bornean Munia, Dusky Mannikin Specie Lonchura grandis (Sharpe, 1882) - Grand Munia, Great-billed Munia Subspecie Lonchura grandis destructa (Hartert, 1930) Subspecie Lonchura grandis ernesti (Stresemann, 1921) Subspecie Lonchura grandis grandis (Sharpe, 1882) Subspecie Lonchura grandis heurni (Hartert, 1932) Specie Lonchura griseicapilla (Delacour, 1943) - Grey-headed Silverbill, Gray-headed Silverbill, Gray-headed Silverbird, Grey-headed Silverbird Specie Lonchura hunsteini (Finsch, 1886) - Mottled Munia, Hunstein's Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura hunsteini hunsteini (Finsch, 1886) Specie Lonchura kelaarti (Jerdon, 1863) - Black-throated Munia, Jerdon's Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura kelaarti jerdoni (Hume, 1874) Subspecie Lonchura kelaarti kelaarti (Jerdon, 1863) Subspecie Lonchura kelaarti vernayi (Whistler & Kinnear, 1933) Specie Lonchura leucogastra (Blyth, 1846) - White-bellied Munia, White-bellied Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura leucogastra castanonota (Mayr, 1938) Subspecie Lonchura leucogastra everetti (Tweeddale, 1877) Subspecie Lonchura leucogastra leucogastra (Blyth, 1846) Subspecie Lonchura leucogastra manueli (Parkes, 1958) Subspecie Lonchura leucogastra palawana (Ripley & Rabor, 1962) Subspecie Lonchura leucogastra smythiesi (Parkes, 1958) Specie Lonchura leucogastroides (Horsfield & Moore, 1858) - Javan Munia, Javanese Munia, JavaneseMannikin
Specie Lonchura maja (Linnaeus, 1766) - White-headed Munia, White-headed Nun, White-headed Mannikin, Silver-headed Munia, Cigar birds Specie Lonchura malabarica (Linnaeus, 1758) - White-throated Munia, Common Silverbill, Indian Silverbill, Silverbill, Warbling Silverbill, White throated Mannekin, White-throated Silverbill  Specie Lonchura malacca (Linnaeus, 1766) - Black-headed Munia, Chestnut Munia Specie Lonchura melaena (Sclater, 1880) - Bismarck Munia, Buff-bellied Mannikin, Sooty Munia Subspecie Lonchura melaena bukaensis (Restall, 1995) Subspecie Lonchura melaena melaena (Sclater, 1880) Specie Lonchura molucca (Linnaeus, 1766) - Black-faced Munia, Moluccan Mannikin Specie Lonchura montana (Junge, 1939) - Snow Mountain Munia, Snow Mountain Mannikin, Western Alpine Munia Specie Lonchura monticola (De Vis, 1897) - Alpine Munia, Eastern Alpine Mannikin Specie Lonchura nana (Pucheran, 1845) - Bib-finch, Madagascan Mannikin, Madagascar Bibfinch Specie Lonchura nevermanni (Stresemann, 1934) - Grey-crowned Munia, Grey-crowned Mannikin Specie Lonchura nigerrima (Rothschild & Hartert, 1899) - New Hanover Munia, New Hanover Mannikin Specie Lonchura nigriceps (Cassin, 1852) - Brown-backed Munia, Red-backed Mannikin, Brown-backed Munia Specie Lonchura pallida (Wallace, 1863) - Pale-headed Munia, Pale Headed Munia, Pale Munia, Pallid Finch, Pallid Mannikin, Pallid Munia, Celebes Mannikin, Celebes Munia, Specie Lonchura punctulata (Linnaeus, 1758) - Scaly-breasted Munia, Nutmeg Finch, Nutmeg Mannikin, Nutmeg Munia, Ricebird, Scaly-breasted Mannikin, Spice Finch, Spice Munia, Spotted Munia Subspecie Lonchura punctulata baweana (Hoogerwerf, 1963) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata blasii (Stresemann, 1912) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata cabanisi (Sharpe, 1890) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata fretensis (Kloss, 1931) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata holmesi (Restall, 1992) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata nisoria (Temminck, 1830) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata particeps (Riley, 1920) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata punctulata (Linnaeus, 1758) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata subundulata (Godwin-Austen, 1874) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata sumbae (Mayr, 1944) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata topela (Swinhoe, 1863) Subspecie Lonchura punctulata yunnanensis (Parkes, 1958) Specie Lonchura quinticolor (Vieillot, 1807) - Five-colored Munia, Chestnut & White Munia, Chestnut-and-white Mannikin, Chestnut-and-white Munia, Colored Finch, Colored Munia, Coloured Munia Specie Lonchura spectabilis (Sclater, 1879) - Hooded Munia, Hooded Mannikin, New Britain Mannikin, New Britain Munia, New Guinea Mannikin, New Guinea Munia Subspecie Lonchura spectabilis gajduseki (Diamond, 1967) Subspecie Lonchura spectabilis mayri (Hartert, 1930) Subspecie Lonchura spectabilis sepikensis (Jonkers & Roersma,1990) Subspecie Lonchura spectabilis spectabilis (Sclater, 1879) Subspecie Lonchura spectabilis wahgiensis (Mayr & Gilliard, 1952) Specie Lonchura striata (Linnaeus, 1766) - White-rumped Munia, White-rumped Mannikin Subspecie Lonchura striata acuticauda (Hodgson, 1836) Subspecie Lonchura striata fumigata (Walden, 1873) Subspecie Lonchura striata semistriata (Hume, 1874) Subspecie Lonchura striata striata (Linnaeus, 1766) Subspecie Lonchura striata subsquamicollis (Baker, 1925) Subspecie Lonchura striata swinhoei (Cabanis, 1882) Specie Lonchura stygia (Stresemann, 1934) - Black Munia, Black Mannikin Specie Lonchura teerinki (Rand, 1940) - Black-breasted Munia, Black-breasted Mannikin Specie Lonchura tristissima (Wallace, 1865) - Streak-headed Munia, Streak headed Munia, Streak-headed Mannikin, Streak-headed Munia, Streaked Munia Subspecies Lonchura tristissima calaminoros (Reichenow, 1916) Subspecies Lonchura tristissima hypomelaena (Stresemann & Paludan, 1934) Subspecies Lonchura tristissima leucosticta (Albertis & Salvadori, 1879) - White-spotted Munia Subspecies Lonchura tristissima tristissima (Wallace, 1865) Species Lonchura vana (Hartert, 1930) - Grey-banded Munia, Grey-banded Mannikin, Arfak Mannikin, Arfak Munia, Gray banded Munia, Gray-banded Mannikin, Gray-banded Munia, Grey banded Munia Varietas: Lonchura striata var. domestica - Bengalese Finch, Society Finch, Japenese Mövchen, Japanische Mövchen Lonchura pallidiventer (Restall, 1996) - Cream-bellied Munia Hybrid: Chestnut Munia (Lonchura malacca) x Five-colored Munia (Lonchura quinticolor)