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ORNI EGGFOOD is a rearing and conditioning food for all kind of birds. A good eggfood is the key to having healthy birds. Seed diets are oftenlow in protein and lack many essential vitamins. Also pellets or extruded diet are many times poorly accepted by the birds. Orni Eggfood are compensating for these deficits. Orni Eggfood are made with real whole and fresh eggs. Adding eggfood to the diets of the birds increases the protein and the vitamin levels of the overall diet. Orni Eggfood support the immune system,mucous membranes, the growth of your nestlings include the beak and bone development and the reproduction. Orni Eggfood is also important for the nervous system, muscular system and cellmembranes. Because most birds readily eat the eggfood before anything else, it is the perfect means to introduce vitamins or medication when necessary. ORNI EGGFOOD for all kind of birds is to feed as a daily supplement when breeding, moulting and other time of stress. Feed once or twice a week at other times. Basically each eggfood must be renewed daily. Therefore give only as much as is eaten daily. ORNI EGGFOOD has a fine structure, resulting in better consumption is guaranteed and the loss of eggfood is reduced. ORNI EGGFOOD contains no preservative and is produced with selected raw materials. Through the balanced ratio and the quality of the raw materials is ORNI EGGFOOD the ideal rearing and conditioning food for all kind of birds.
  300 g    75.00 THB /                  2.40 USD 1000 g  180.00 THB                  5.80 USD
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