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Mortality of embryos in Canaries or Finches

Question: What could be a reason for mortality of the  embryo after about 6 days of brooding?


C1:  It is very difficult to give you the correct answer, because the cause can have several reasons. To find out the reason, you need patience. An unborn or unhatched offspring is in the process of development. For example, it could be due to the lack of some vitamins. Special vitamins from the vitamin B- complex are a prerequisite for a good development and the hatch. The lack of vitamin B2 (also known as Riboflavin), vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) or vitamin B9 (Folic Acid, Folate) are the cause for mortality in eggs or weak chicks. C2: Unfortunately is the occur of the “Black Spot” often the reason for the mortality rate in eggs and also after the hatch. Probably caused by mycoplasma is the “Black Spot” a widespread  disease around the world. Some experts guess the cause of an infection with the circo-virus. You can see the infection with the black spot where the liver is. In unborn chicks it is not easy to realize. Read more about the Black Spot...> C3: In canaries it is possible that the cause is the lethal-factor for the mortality of embryos. 25 % of chicks can die, if you breed the following examples together: - Intensive x Intensive - Crest x Crest - Dominant white x Dominant white. More information about the Lethal- factor....>
Definition: coccidiose An infection with the parasite coccidia affect the intestines More definitions you find in Birds2u Database
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Nestlings are dying

The Black Spot is a common disease in canaries,finches, also in other kind of birds. During the last few years this infection has progressed. Can this disease be stopped? Many breeders lost their nestlings during the first days of life. In most cases the cause is unknown and many breeders make the females responsible for poor feeding ... English: BLACK SPOT Dutch: ZWARTE STIP German: SCHWARZER PUNKT       continue reading...>
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C4: Only a “simple” bacterial disease, as e-coli or coccidiosis can be also the reason.
Death in the egg can have different causes...
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