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Question: Are the dark Appearance of the Gouldian Finch a special mutation?


C1: It is a matter of melanistic and often         seen in gouldian finches, if the bird   not been exposed to the true light. The dark colour will motor out if in the right conditions. C3:  A melanistic gouldian finch is not a mutation, it is a modification and change back to the normal colour. C2:  As a rule, melanism gouldians  are only bred under artificial light? C3:  I breed some melanistic's a while ago in my aviary's and I don't consider my aviary's to be dark. C4:  I do think that it may be more a deficiency of vitamin D. C5:  I ever got a melanism gouldian, despite balanced nutrition, sunlight and additionally true-light exposure. I think that overall a metabolic disorder is the cause, genetic predisposition or caused by other influences.
Melanism Gouldian Finches

Melanism in Gouldian Finches

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