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Melanin Pastel in Canaries A melanin pastel canariy was bred for the first time in 1957 at the breeder Mr. H. Kollen from Netherland. The characteristic is the reduction in melanin pigment. The striations of black melanin pastel canaries are charcoal grey. The wing and tail feathers don’t show a discolouration. Beak, legs and claws are black. Phaeomelanin is absent. In brown melanin pastel canaries the pigment forms a dense veil throughout the complete plumage with an absence of striations. The groundcolour is always visible. The brown pigment in wings and tail feathers show evidence of the mutation pastel. Beak, legs and claws are brown. The striations of agate melanin pastel canaries are short and ash (dark) grey. The design of the striations on the head, back and flanks are very evident as with the agatemoustache. The edges of the wing and tail feathers show a pearl grey colour. Phaeomelanin is absent. Beak, legs and claws are flesh coloured. The melanin of isabel melanin pastel canaries are light beige and distributed throughout the whole plumage, very faint but evident in wing and tail feathers. Clear striations are absent. Beak, legs and claws are flesh coloured.