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Lifespan of Birds

Question: Is there an information about the lifespan of pet birds and what does it depend on?


C1: As a lifespan is only the average time specified. In birds, this is primarily dependent on the size or better said on the species. Secondary in caged birds is the proper care also decisive. This includes the environment, the feeding method, inter alia the selection of the feed. Also note, once you have made the decision to enrich your life with a pet bird, it is important to consider your lifestyle and what bird would best fit. Here some lifespan averages: Garden Birds  02 - 05 years Budgerigar 05 - 15 years Zebrafinch 02 - 05 years Gouldian Finches        06 years Canaries        10 years Lovebirds  10 - 15 years Cockatiels 10 - 14 years Lorikeets 10 - 20 years Quaker Parrot 15 - 20 years Conure Parrot 15 - 20 years Eclectus Parrot 30 - 40 years African Grey 50 - 60 years Amazon Parrot 50 - 70 years Cockatoos 40 - 60 years Macaws 50 - 60 years
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