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Question: How is the Ino factor in Gouldians inherited?


C1: It's a sex linked mutation. In past history of the Ino mutation there has been a sexlinked and autosomal recessive mutation. The majority if not all ino's today are only sex linked. If the blue factor is crossed in Lutino’s, we also can get Albino’s. This means that the disappearance of the pigment is transferred into the blue line. Therefore is an albino gouldian finch a combination of the lutino and blue factor. Read more about the Inheritance in Gouldian FInches:  Overview Genetic Factors in GF  Genetic of Gouldian Finches    - Part 1: Head/Beak    - Part 2: Cest    - Part 3: Body  Colour Mutations of Gouldian Finches  Links to Colour Descriptions of     Gouldian Finch mutations  

Inheritance of Gouldian Ino’s

Albino Gouldian Finch
Lutino Gouldian Finch
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