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The Lilac Breast Mutation in Gouldian Finches read more>
What are the Characteristics of Mosaic Canaries?   read more>
Book Recommendations  read more>
Mogno Canary From Brazil comes this new appearance in canaries ... read more>
Characteristics of Australian Finches read more>
Definitions of terms about Bird Keeping & Bird Breeding
A/B; C/DE-H; I-L; M-P; R-Z 
Nero Perla (Black Pearl)  A new mutation in canaries is discovered  read more>
Black Spot Lessons from Pigeons & Parrots read more>
The Stafford Canary History, Characteristics & Standard read more>
 Cobalt Canary  1994 discovered from in Germany read more
The Colour Inheritance of Gouldian Finches 1.Head & Beak     2.Chest     3.Body
 American Singer  Canary History and General read more> 
The Urucum Canary/  Red Beak Canary            
… not only about canaries and finches, also about parrots, parakeets and miscellaneous topics of the birdworld. TALKATIVE is constantly being expanded and updated. In TALKATIVE  You can find anything for inspiration and advice for your own bird breeding and bird keeping.                continue reading...> 
Birds2u-Online-Store with a lot of reasonable offers, such as books, magazines, food, cages, equipments and many other products for Your bird! Have a look...>
Lovely Lovebirds Lovebirds make a popular choice of pet, but in their care they are much more demanding. Lovebirds are social creatures. They are very sensitive to their care and environment. How to care Lovebirds and make them "smile"? read more> 
The Spanish Trimbrado A very interesting development  history is told about the Spanish Timbrado also called Timbrado Español. An approach triaging of this very interesting song canary already started in  several hundred years ago. continue reading>
History of the Red Canary
In the 1920s Dr. Hans Duncker, an German avian geneticists, created by hybridizing yellow canary females with males of the South American Carduelid specie Red Siskin. His aiming was the transfer of the red factor gene to the Canary birds...    continue reading>
Read about the Genetic Vocabulary for Gouldian Finches: What is “SEX-LINKED DOMINANT”? read more> What is “AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT”? read more> What is “SEX-LINKED RECESSIVE”? read more> What is “AUTOSOMAL RECESSIVE”? read more> What is a “CHROMOSOME”? read more> What is a “SINGLE-FACTOR” in Gouldian Finches? read more> What is a “DOUBLE-FACTOR” in Gouldian Finches? read more>
The London Fancy Canary is an extinct Type Canary. Is the rebirth possible? read more>
The Genetic of Gouldian Finches: ... head/beak colour inheritance read more> ... chest colour inheritance read more> ... body colour inheritance read more> GOULDIAN GENETICS FORECAST CALCULATOR
The Mosaic Factor in Canaries  read more> What are the Characteristics of Mosaic Canaries?  read more> What are the Feeding & Care Requirements for Mosaic Canaries?  read more>
Nestlings are dying The Black Spot is a common disease in canaries, finches, also in other kind of birds. During the last few years this infection has progressed. Can this disease be stopped? Many breeders lost their nestlings during the first days of life. In most cases the cause is unknown and many breeders make the females responsible for poor feeding ... Read more about the BLACK SPOT> English: BLACK SPOT Dutch: ZWARTE STIP German: SCHWARZER PUNKT      
Natural supplement food Most breeders administer their birds vegetables or fruits for a natural vitamin supplement. What is the best choise and what are the benefits of these  leaves?   read more>
Breeding Success is not a Coincidence  read more>
Inbreeding & Line Breeding  read more>
The Lilac Breast Mutation in Gouldian Finches  read more>
Mites in Aviculture - a main cause of Mortality in young chicks  read more>
The  Glossy Black-Cockatoo an endangered species in the birdlife Australia read more> 
FAQ Gouldian Finches  read more>
Course of the  Canary Moult  read more>
What are Air-sac Mites?  read more>
The Gloster Fancy Canary is by far the most popular canary. Its style makes the Gloster Fancy Canary thus well suited to the beginner in breeding of canaries.  read more>
COMMENTS ABOUT BIRD KEEPING AND BIRD BREEDING IN TALKATIVE: - Sexing Canaries   - Oil-based Supplement food for Birds   - Gouldian Finches not incubate the eggs   - Sexing Society Finches - Choosing the right perch   - Colour food for canaries   - Mortality of embryos in Canaries or Finches - Explanation about the term mutation   - Canary nesting   - Feeding requirements after egglaying of canaries   - Going Bald in Gouldian Finches - Beak Conditioner for Parrots or Parakeets - Mating and Copulation of Gouldian Finches   - Canaries as Foster Parents for Gouldian Finches   - Sexing Crimson Rosella Parakeets   - Feeding Peppercorn or Chilli for Birds - Sneezing and Wheezing in Gouldian Finches   - Crossing two different Type/Posture Canaries   - Best time for Replacement of canary eggs after egglaying   - Replacement of Canary Eggs after egglaying   - Benefits of Bee Pollen for Birds - Canaries eat their eggs after laying - Gouldian finch chicks hatch out - Sexing Greywing Canaries - Drinking Water for Birds from a Garden Hose - Apple Cider Vinegar for Birds - Alternative Methods for the Prevention of Mite Infestations - Wooden Toys for Parrots & Parakeets - The right colouring agents for Bird Toys - Safe Nuts for Parrots - Using Egg Candler is safer for the Bird Embryo - Cleaning of Rope Perches for Birds - The Bastard Wing  - Lifespan of Birds - Inheritance of Goudian Ino’s - Melanism in Gouldian Finches - Softfood mix or special seed for   Gouldian Finches - Courtship Dance of Gouldian Finch    Males - Lumps in Canaries - Colour Enhancer for Canaries - Conjunctivitis in Birds
The Lizard Canary - Historic and characteristic facts of the oldest Type Canary read more>
The Columbus Fancy Canary also called “America’s Type Canary belongs to the type canaries and is only recognized in America ... read more>
Canaries in the Art           Beautiful paintings and drawings ... have a look
What are Feather Mites?  read more>
Colour Descriptions from every Gouldian Finch mutation read more>
What’s the difference between a self, foul & variegated Bird? read more>
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RASMI BOLAND CANARY - History - Characteristics & Standard 
RAZA ESPAÑOLA CANARY/ SPANISH RAZA - History - Standard Description
In addition to the typical red beak, the leg, the inside of the toes and the nails are also coloured... continue reading...>
Death in Eggs and other Difficulties with Eggs and Chicks during Hatching and the first Days of Life read more...>
For further information click on the image:
FAQ Canaries  read more>