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History of the Stafford Canary

In the late 1970's, canary fanciers met in Staffordshire for a meeting to create a new canary race. This new kind of type canary should be a contrast to the German Crest, in fact with the typical English round crest and only in the red and ivory ground colour appearance and a length about 5 inch = ≈ 12,7cm. (In comparison, for the Gloster Fancy Canary is 11cm and for the German Crest Canary is between 13.5 and 14.5 cm according to standard prescribed). To prepare the new breeding goal, the necessary description of the standard has been created.  In 1987 was the first public appearance on the British National Exhibition at the National Exhibition Center (N.E.C.) in Birmingham. The work was worth it, because it was a success. The new canary race was named after ancient English tradition after the place of creation - Stafford Canary. However, it must be mentioned that the development of the Stafford is not just confined to the Staffordshire area of England. Also many groups of fanciers inter alia in Dorset, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Essex, Scotland and Wales were actively involved. From now on the Stafford Canary became known and found more and more fanciers which in 1988 resulted in the founding of the Stafford Canary Club in the United Kingdom. Already in 1990, the Stafford Canary Club was incorporated into the Canary Council of Great Britain and thus recognized the new breed “Stafford Canary” in England.
The recognition  was the first new variety canary since the acceptance of the Fife Canary in the 1950's. But not only in the UK, also in America and Canada, Stafford fanciers founded club's. In 1992 the National Cage Bird Show in America added the section in the type canary division for the Stafford Canary, but  first only for the crested birds. Leading in the development of the new breed were in England Peter Finn, his daughter Zoe Finn and Jack Askins. In America the breeder George Gay helped with the develoopment and organize the Stafford Canary Club of America (1993), which first president he was.
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