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      Raza Española Canary - Spanish Raza Canary - 

         Raza Catalane Canary - Raca Català Canario

The importants characteristic of the “The Raza Española Canary” is the size. This posture canary belongs to the little smooth-feathered canaries and must be between 11 and 11.5 cm. The smaller the better canary. It is interesting that the naming Raza Española is a political issue and actually wrong. Raza catalane or in Catalan ” Raca Català”  would be more right, because this breed was created and developed in Catalonia with the capital Barcelona. The date of development and naming falls in the time of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. During his reign (1939 - 1975) was all Catalan strictly prohibited and even something as seemingly insignificant as a new species of type canary could in no way indicate the name of the existence or power of the Catalans. Early in the 20th century Catalan breeders thought to breed a miniature canary. In particular, the area north of Barcelona with the towns Badalona, Mataró, Manresa Sabadell, Girona and Vic was in those days and is today heartland of the Raza Española breed.


The Spanish ornithological society “La Union de Canaricultores de Barcelona” (nowadays the oldest Spanish ornithological society) has helped to make great strides for the development of the Raza Española canary until the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939). The Spanish Civil War and all its aftereffects took a significant influence on all canary breeds. Most of special canary breeds, include the Raza Española, were nearly lost. In 1941 the recognition as an official breed in Spain (not Catalonia) was proclaimed despite of negative influences. And in 1956/ 1961 the posture canary Raza Española gained international recognitions. Many attempts have been made to breed a specially small and narrow but vigorous canary race, because it is rather difficult to keep a flock of very small canaries. The main goal is the size 11 - 11,5 cm with a good healthy and without any diseases, such as rickets etc. which could be a possibly result from the breeding goal to a small  and narrow breed. At the beginning of the breed Raza Española breeder crossed an only in Spain popular species of canaries (nowadays extinct) with the origin species Serinus C. canaria, caught from the Canary Islands. During the decades of development breeders who have succeeded have used various possibilities, inter alia mating intensive x intensive  or semiintensive x semiintensive with the result that areas without feathers around the beak and eyes begin to appear and the thighs become very visible. Strict selecting of the sizes and selecting of canaries those with a shorter and thinner tail were other ways to reach the goal. A canary with a short tail is smaller and also gives the feeling of being. Nevertheless, it has succeeded to get a small, narrow and vigorous canary due to the perseverance of all breeder inside and outside Catalonia!
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