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Going Bald in Gouldian Finches

Question: My Gouldian Finch is going bald.  Is it a disease or what is the  cause? Can it be a heavy moult?


C1: The cause of going bald is an investation of scaley mites. Use a medical for birds with ivermectin or moxidectin. C2: I ever read that a bath with the humans mouthwash “Listerine” can protect and help when a infestation of mites is the cause. The advice was a daily bath in a solution of Listerine. But honestly I have never used it myself. C3: Some kind of mites are resistent for products with ivermection or moxidectin. Maybe Listerine is an alternative. I know that some breeder in my club add mouthwash as a protection against bacteria in the drinking water, but this I don’t recommend. Maybe a controlled bath in a solution of Listerine can help. But also be carefully with the eyes. C4: It is neither a disease nor a heavy moulting. Mites are the cause of this problem.
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