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Feeding requirements after egglaying

of canaries

Question: When the females is brooding on her eggs, (after she has finished laying all of the clutch) what are her feeding requirements? Is seeds and greens enough or does she need the addition of rich food (egg food etc)?
Comment(s) C1:	I give eggfood the year around. C2: 	Be carefully with greens such as salat. A canary bird is a seedeater. Especially  during the brooding it can lead to  problems in the intestine tract. Eggfood is during the brooding time not important. In this time the females often reduce the  feed of eggfood. This is the reason why I  donít add eggfood during the brooding time. The second day after the hatching I  add eggfood again.
Definition: hatch(ing) The moment when the chick opens up the shell of the egg and emerge from its egg. More definitions you find in Birds2u Database.
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