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NOTE: All articles about bird diseases and medications are used only for general information and not for a self-prescribe medication. Please do not self-prescribe medication for your birds without talking to your vet first, because the wrong drug given to the bird can kill!  Also drug doses and formulations can change all the time, and everyinformation that is current now may not be applicable in the future. A veterinary should be consulted in any case.
Feather mites, also called quill mites or depluming mites live, as the name implies, inside the quills, and also on the surface of the feathers. It is known that each avian species has its own mite species, because they are highly host specific. Whatever the name of the specific mite is, the following characteristics of these unpleasant parasites are in common: Most feather mites are only adapted to survival on the feathers and cannot move to other surfaces. Some species can also live in and on the skin. They feeding at the base of feathers. An infestation of feather mites caused permanent itching, which caused to an irritation and this caused in turn inter alia a loss in egg production. It is to identify an infestation of feather mites, when the bird restless and constantly pecks in plumage. All kind of avians can infested any time, during the nestling period, as fledglings and adult bird, as well as during other times of close contact in time of courtship, mating and communal roosting.
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