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Using Egg Candler is safer for the Bird


Question: Why I need a special egg candler for egg control?


C1: An egg candler is a simple device to help you see if your eggs are developing or not. Egg candler are special made for the fertility check in bird eggs. You don’t need to pick up the eggs as the torch of most egg candler are long with a flexible stem. C2: Egg candling is an important method of testing eggs while they are incubating to determine if they are fertilized or not and/ or the embryo is normal developed during the incubation time or not. C3: Relative new are fiber optic candlers. Unlike conventional egg candlers the fiber optic candlers are equipped with high intensity Xenon lamps. Fiber optic candlers have curved heads and provides a completely cool touch to the egg with no heat to damage the embryo. It’s a full cool heat-free candling of eggs. These candlers are perfect special for small eggs from finches, canaries or budgerigars. Due to the curved head it’s enable that the eggs to be candled inside the nest without ever lifting them out. C4: Most egg candler are manufactered either with a LED or incandescent bulb to provide a light source.The device channels the light into the egg so you can determine if the egg is devoloping into a chick.  C5: A egg candler can be used to check fertility of eggs, which will show up approximately 4 days after laying. If you work with an egg candler you don’t need to pick up the eggs with your fingers. If you touch the egg with your fingers bacteria can pass through to the embryo. If you need to pick up the eggs I would advise using very careful special egg tongs or a small plastic spoon. C6:  All egg candlers are very helpful. You will see the fertilized eggs by showing a dark spot and veins at the beginning. It’s really fun to watch the growth of the fertilized eggs. You can check in intervals of two or three days to make sure that the embryos were still growing. The light candler tester is not just interesting for bird breeder who want to incubate eggs. It is also suitable for kids in schools and students to learn the incubating process.
Making such results visible is always an experience. Thus, after a few days, a fertilized egg is illuminated with a lamp.
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