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Drinking Water for Birds from a Garden Hose

Question: Is it safe to give drinking water for my open- air aviary from a normal garden hose?


C1: No, also for humans it is not recommended, because of the free toxics in the garden hose. Drinking water from the hose is not good for the health of your birds. C2: It is not a good idea, to give drinking water from a garden hose. Many possible dangers can arise from the conventional garden hose. Garden hoses aren't manufactured to deliver safe drinking water. In addition to bacteria, mold, and possibly the odd frog, the water from a

garden hose typically contains a lot of

toxic chemicals (e.g. lead, antimony,

bromine, organotin, phthalates).


Many substances used to stablize the

plastics of vinyl garden hoses can come

into the water as it passes through the

hose. The freeing chemicals are not good

for the bird health, also not for humans

and other pets.


Maybe it can help if you allow the water

to run for a short time in order to flush the

hose before using for drinking water.


Alternative to the conventional water

hoses, hoses made with food-grade

plastic are offered. Such water hoses

prevent a contamination of the water.

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