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Crossing two different Type/Posture Canaries 


Question: Can I pairing a crested male Gloster Fancy canary with a female Fife? Will this cause any problems?


C1: You can do it, but what you get? The result is “only” a mix between two kind of type canaries. C2 I personally don't like it, because Gloster canaries and Fife canaries are developed for many decades. But every new kind of posture canary came from an new imagination and crossbreeds. Also the Gloster Fancy canary. For this target, three species of canaries were necessary. Read more about the History of the Gloster Fancy canary...>  
      CHARACTERISTICS       OF FINCHES:         Black-Throated Finch         Crimson Finch         Diamond Firetail Finch         Double-Barred Finch (Owl FInch)         Gouldian Finch         Long-Tailed Finch         Masked Finch         Painted Finch         Plum-headed Finch         Red-browed Finch         Star Finch
The London Fancy Canary is an extinct Type Canary. Is the rebirth possible? continue reading...>
The A.G.I or Italian Giant Frill Type canaries are known for their special shape. Every year new varieties have been created. An interesting breeding is certainly the A.G.I (Arricciato Gigante Italiano) continue reading...>
The Gloster Fancy Canary is by far the most popular canary. Its style makes the Gloster Fancy Canary thus well suited to the beginner in breeding of canaries. continue reading...>
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