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What is the correct Inner Diameter

for a Bird Ring?

The bird rings are a proof of one’s member- and ownership. Most bird rings are closes and can be striped over only during the first days of life (genererally 6 - 13 days). When the bird is grown the bird ring can not be changed. Please note that the correct ring size ist very important because if the bird ring is too small it can hurt the leg and grow into the skin. If the ring is too large, it can be leaded to exclusion at exhibitions and also marked as a fraud. The following list gives an insight for the correct inner diameter for a bird ring. Note: All datas are without warranty. For more details, please contact your bird association or the Ring Manufacturer. If your bird is not included now, perhaps at the next update of my website
RINGSIZE FOR SMALL-SIZED BIRDS - Canaries - Finches - other Birds



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