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PIGEONS: 7,0 mm Short Faced Helmet Plain head and Crested, Brunner Pouter, English Short Faced Tumbler, English Short Faced Tumbler Marked, Felegyhazer Tumbler, Vienna Long Faced Tumbler, Stettiner Tumbler, Vienna Whiteside Tumbler, Valencian Figurita 8.0 mm Fantail Lace, Fantail Saddle/Tailmark, Jacobins, Aachen Lacquer Shield Owls, African Owl, Turbit, Thuringen Field Pigeon, Thuringen Breast Pigeon, Thuringen Monk, Thuringen Pouter, Thuringen Shield, Thuringen Spot, Thuringen Stork, Thuringen Whitetail, Ice Pigeon Clean Legged, Nuremburg Lark, Starlings, Australian Saubians, Danish Saubians, Swallows Clean Legged, Egyptian Swifts, Racing Pigeon Show Type, Holle Cropper, Pigmy Pouter, Valencia Cropper, Voorburg Shield Cropper, Brunswick Beard, Domestic Show Flight, Medium Faced Helmet Plainhead and Crested, Kormomer Tumbler, Magpie, Australian Performing Tumbler, Australian Saddleback Tumbler Clean Leg, Show Birmingham Roller, Exhibition Flying Tippler, Show Tippler, Old Dutch Capuchine, Danzig High flyer, Szegediner Tumbler, Damascene, Chinese Owl, Donek, Altenberg Trumpeter, Oriental Roller, 9.0 mm English Owl, Australian Dragoon, Modena Gazzi and Schietti, Norwich Cropper, English Clean Legged Long Faced Tumbler and Marked, Coburg Lark, Berliner Short Faced Tumbler, German Beauty Homer, 10.0 mm Frillback, Blondinette, Satinette, English Dragoon, Polish Lynx, Scandaroon, Australian Show Pen Homer, English Pouter, Konigsburg Moorhead, West of England Tumbler, Maltese, Strasser 11.0 mm Indian Fantail, Lahore, Ice Pigeon Muffed, Carrier, English Show Homer, Exhibition Homer, American Giant Homer, Carneau, King, Montauban, Swiss Mondain, 13.0 mm Bokhara Trumpeter, English Trumpeter, Saxon Field Pigeon, Saxon Breast, Saxon Monk, Saxon Priest, Saxon Reversewing, Saxon Shield, Saxon Spot, Saxon Stork, Saxon Whitetail, Scmalkaldener Mohrenkopf, Fairy Swallow, Silesian Swallow, Dutch Cropper, Ghent Pouter, Pomeranian, Pouter, Reversewing Pouter, Old Dutch Tumbler,



Correct Ringsizes for.... ... small-sized Birds ... Parakeets and Parrots ... Loris & Lorikeets ... Conures ... Amazons ... Macaws ... Cockatoos
NOTE: All datas are without warranty. For more details, please contact your bird association or the Ring Manufacturer. If your bird is not included now, perhaps at the next update of my website