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The right colouring agents for Bird Toys

Question: What are the right and safe colourants for the production of wooden toys for birds?


C1: Most manufacturers of bird toys dye the toys, because birds are able to distinguish colours. The colour makes wood toys more attractive and interesting to birds. Nevertheless are colours made from food colouring or vegetable dyes not 100% harmless. This colours contain fruit sugar and provide a perfect medium for bacterial growth. C2: Do not buy toys that have been stained or varnished. If you are interested in a toy with painted parts (e.g. ABC blocks) make sure that only non-toxic, child safe paints were used. C3: Colours from VITACRITTER are much used for bird toys. It’s a vegetable based dye that’s safe for birds. VITACRITTER is a water based dye that was developed specifically for animals to chew. 1. Pink 2. Red 3. Orange 4. Yellow 5. Spring Green 6. Green 7. Teal (Blue-Green) 8. Blue 9. Purple    It’s recommended to mix 1 part    VITACRITTER with 15 parts 70%    Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. The    rubbing alcohol prevents also harmful    bacteria from forming when you store    dye that has been mixed. It also can kill    bacteria that might be in the wood or    other items that you are dying. After    drying the rubbing alcohol is evaporated    and the wooden toys will show vibrant    colours. C4: Some bird keeper dye bird toys with cake food colour. It is available as gel or paste and will be dissolved in hot water.