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The Play of Colours in Gouldian Finches Gouldian Finches are the most colourful finch species. The males and the females of the Gouldian Finches display brillant plumage, but males display more intensiv colouring than females. Therefore, the finches are also known as Rainbow Finches, Painted Finches or the birdbreeders in Thailand call the Gouldian Finches “Seven-Colour-Finch”. Something is unique in the nature, that these colourful Gouldian Finches have three possible head colours - red, black and yellow (orange). Usually natural selection produces a species in just one form. Only in Gouldian Finches it is known that the three forms of head colours can occur in the wild within the same population. All three forms will be mate indiscriminately with each other. The red-head colour in Gouldian Finches is dominant (sex-linked) over all. The black-head colour in Gouldian Finches is recessive (sex-linked) and the yellow (orange) is autosomal recessive. Therefore we will find more red-headed Gouldian Finches than black-headed or yellow (orange) and the yellow-heades Gouldian FInches are very rare in the wild. The native Gouldian Finches show also a green body and a purple chest colour. As in any other species of bird in the Gouldian Finches is also the breeding of special colour mutations a challenge for many Gouldian Finch breeders all over the world. In the recent decades the mutations of Gouldian Finches developed. Many mutations and suspected mutations exist in the captivity breeding of the Gouldian Finches.



Some of possible mating examples with the results we have compiled for you: Part 1: Red Face x Red Face Part 2: Black Face x Black Face Part 3: Orange (Yellow) Face x Orange (Yellow)Face Part 4: Red Face x Black Face Part 5: Black Face x Orange (Yellow) Face  Part 6: Red Face x Orange (Yellow) Face