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Colour food for canaries

Question: What colour food do you recommend that  will not harm the liver of canaries?  Comment(s): C1:	The market offer a lot of products for  Red Factor birds, such as red canaries.  If you follow the enclosed instruction of  the companies you will not harm the liver of canaries. C2: 	Only products with the chemical  ingredient canthaxanthin make your  canaries red enough for an exhibition. C3:	Natural ingredients are not enough,  because the red colour in canaries is introduced by crossing a yellow canary  with the Red Siskin. The canaries also  have a gene for the yellow colour. C4: 	Some saler offer pure canthaxanthin. It is also available and you can mix it to your  own softfood or supplement food. Only  experienced breeder with a longtime  experience use it. An overdose can harm the liver. Ask an experienced breeder  about the amount of canthaxanthin.

Nestlings are dying

The Black Spot is a common disease in canaries,finches, also in other kind of birds. During the last few years this infection has progressed. Can this disease be stopped? Many breeders lost their nestlings during the first days of life. In most cases the cause is unknown and many breeders make the females responsible for poor feeding ... English: BLACK SPOT Dutch: ZWARTE STIP German: SCHWARZER PUNKT       continue reading...>
What is the difference between an intensiv and a non-intensiv canary?  continue reading...>
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