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The Calcium reserves of a Zeba Finch Scientist reported that zebra finches will deplete the calcium reserve after the 5th egg. The study showed a five-egg clutch has a total calcium requirement of 89 mg, but the total calcium reserve of a female is only 90 mg.
RAZA ESPAÑOLA CANARY/ SPANISH RAZA - History - Standard Description
RASMI BOLAND CANARY - History - Characteristics & Standard



In addition to the typical red beak, the leg, the inside of the toes and the nails are also coloured. But the red beaks canaries that have appeared in Brazil have another special feature. In addition to the red horny parts, this mutation the mutation has been due to a change in the feather structure silky-red feathers. Furthermore, the non-intensive urucum canaries ones show a pink colour in the top (edge) of the feather, which is in normal non-intensive canaries white. That fact modifies the colour of the plumage and gives a special colour effect. Also in the abdomen is an equal colouring throughout of the plumage seen, as well at the cobalt mutation in the melanin series (also called cobalt effect). The factor urucum is autosomal recessive inherited.It is possible to combine this mutation with all red factor canaries, but these characteristics are more clearly expressed in lipochrome canaries. Therefore the urucum appearance is so far recognized only in the lipochrome series, however not in the red mosaic canaries: - Red-beak Red (intensive & non intensve) - Red-beak Rubino (intensive & non-intensive) - Red-beak Red Ivory (intensive & non-intensive) - Red-beak Rubino Ivory (intensive & non-intensive) Despite the non-recognition in combination with mosaic canaries, it is known that some breeders are also successful. As far as the nutritional requirements are concerned, the administration of red colourants is also necessary, not only to achieve maximum red in the plumage but also in the horn parts (beak, legs, toes, claws).
Urucum Canary/Red Beak Canary - History  - Characteristics
In this juvenile one is a very beautiful colouring already noticed in the first plumage, which at the same time asserts the special colouring of the beak by the addition of red color food.
Just hatched Urucum chicks
Bec Jaune/Yellow Beak Canary - History & Characteristics
Successful Canary Breeding  - Introduction  - Part 1: Lighting  - Part 2: Temperature  - Part 3: Feeding  - Part 4: Lighting Schedule &                Overview Daylength         duration in countries
The mutation urucum is also combined with melanin canaries.