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Family: Estrildidae Genus: Poephila Preferred Scientific Name POEPHILA personata personata Preferred Common Name Masked Finch Other Common Names •        Mask Finch •        Masked Grass Finch  Other Scientific Names International Common Names English: Masked Finch Spanish: Pinzón Enmascarado French: Diamant Masqué Local Common Names Czech Denmark: Germany: Maskenamadine Italy: Diamante Mascherato Netherlands: Maskeramadine USA: Status:  Size, Weight: about 12 cm Ring size:  Habitat: AUSTRALIA The specie Poephila personata personata occurs from Derby (Northern Australia) eastwards across the northern territory to Cape York Peninsula. General: Both sexes show a universal light cinnamon-brown colour above, including wings, but slightly greyer on the primaries and lower back. The rump and uppertail coverts are white and the tailfeathers are black. Forehead and lore are black. The anterior portion of cheeks, the large triangular spot on chin and the upper throat are also black. The sides of head and undersurface of the body are pinkish-brown. On each lower flank is a large black patch. The center of abdomen, thighs and undertail coverts are white. The eyes are red and the beak is yellow and bigger than in any of the other grass finches. The feet are coral-red. The sexes can be distinguished only on the call of the male Masked finches should not be kept with Long-tailed finches or Black-throated finches. Two mutations (fawn and white) are known, but very rarely seen. Number of eggs: 4 - 6  Incubation period: ... days Nestlings leaving nest after 21 days




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