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Something new for Western breeders, nevertheless very interesting, is the "playing style" of Iranians in exhibitions.There are three classifications for the Rasmi Boland breeders: Class A: Here are the professional breeder classified Class B: Here are the semi-professionals classified Class C: This class is maintained by amateur breeder The professsional breeder trying to promote the Rasmi Boland to an top level and the learning phase takes 5 to 6 years. According to available information, no direct official standard is written.  
Head: The head must be small and oval. Eyebrowes must not be recognizable under any circumstances. Body (shape, posture and size): The body is harmonious, fine, narrow, elongated and cylindrical (spindle-shaped). The chest and the back are narrow, without rounding. Any form of rounding on the back, chest and lower abdomen is undesirable. The body size is at least 21 cm. The bird sits upright (at an angle of 60 ° to the perch).
Plumage: The feathers are short, dense, closed and are well defined on the body. Any swirled feathers, single ruffled feathers or frisé- feathers are not allowed. The plumage of the bird must be smooth, complete (without gaps in the plumage). Wing: The long wings must closed to the body and cover the whole tail root. Tail: The length of the tail is a special characteristic of the breed. It is special to pay particular attention to the required length. At championships, every millimeter is crucial. The length must be at least 12 cm long and should be broad in the form of a dovetail. Legs: The legs must be long and slightly bent. The thighs must be visible.
The Calcium reserves of a Zeba Finch Scientist reported that zebra finches will deplete the calcium reserve after the 5th egg. The study showed a five-egg clutch has a total calcium requirement of 89 mg, but the total calcium reserve of a female is only 90 mg.
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