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Canary pox virus (CNPV) is an avipoxvirus and etiologic agent of canary pox, a disease of wild an captive birds, that cause significant losses. In order to prevent the infection with the Canary pox virus contacts with wild birds and also Mosquitos should be avoided. The canary pox can enter human cells, but it cannot survive and muliply in human cells. Clinical signs of the canary pox virus (CNPV) in the canaries included severe respiratory distress, loss of feathers and/or scaly skin on the head, neck and back, anorexia, loss of weight and fluffed-up appearance of several days duration before death. Gross pathology in most of the canaries included thickened eye lids and small scab-like nodules on the skin of the head and neck, enlarged thymus, mild to severe consolidation of lungs. A yearly vaccination is recommended, especially when exhibitions are planned. Is your bird stock infected with the canary pox virus you must act quickly to still save some of your birds. It is not rarely, that the whole stock of birds will die within some days. A vaccine is available for the canary pox. The vaccination is carried out after the moulting period, when the young bird are strong enough. NOTE: The vaccination is only recommended by a veterinarian. In addition, the statement of the description for the vaccine is be strictly observed.
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