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Canary nesting

Question: What kind of nest is the best and have I build  the nest for my canary itself? And which fibers do the canaries need to nest?
Comment(s) C1: No, nest building is a healthy exercise for every cage bird. Offer your canary nest fibers. Differents kind of nest fiber are offered in many (online-) shops. Canaries are not picky and use many kind of nest fibers, but pay attention to the length of the fiber. 5 -6 cm are optimal. Most of breeder offer coconut fiber, sisal or jute fiber and your canaries do the rest. All are natural fibers. C2: You have only to place an open (uncovered) nest cup (4") in the cage, attached to the bars. Best is not directly under or above a perch or above a feeding or water dish. Near a free corner and in an accessible position above the height of the perches is always the best. If you have selected a nest from plastic, put a nesting pad. It is easier for your canarie to buildt the nest on a nesting pad, because the plastic is slippery. You can use nesting pads for many kind of nests, because of the cut corners.
Definition: nest fiber Natural nest fibers are made from natural plant fibers (e.g. stem, haulm). Definition: hessian Hessian is a strong and coarse textile made from hemp or jute. It is used for sacks. Definition: plumber's hemp Plumber’s hemp is produced for install and reapair of the pipes and fittings of water supply, sanitation or also heating systems. Definition: burlap Burlap is a coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp or another similar natural plant fiber. Most is used for sacking. More definitions you find in Birds2u Database.
C3: I prefer coconut fiber, because of the benefits. Coconut fiber has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is ideal for canaries and making it an excellent nesting material. C4: Different materials are available for the selection of the nest. Manufacturing materials are bamboo, sticks, willow, plastic and wire mesh. While nests made from bamboo, sticks or willow look natural, is plastic  and wire mesh an alternative for more cleanliness. I prefer more the plastic nest, because the hen and chicks will poop in an around the edges of the nest. After every breeding round you can clean the nest easier more than the other. My slogan: Keep it clean and keep the birds healthy. C5: Other possible and from bird breeder gladly used nesting fibers are made from hessian, plumber’s hemp or burlap. All are natural plant fibers.

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