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Question: Is it possible to move Gouldian Finch eggs  and put them to a canary female, and would the Canary still raise them when they hatch?
Comment(s): C1: The fact is, that a gouldian finch and a canary are two different species. Only hatching eggs will be possible, but not the rearing of the gouldian chicks. C2: You cannot use canaries as foster parents for gouldian chicks, because the way to beg for food is not the same. Canaries stretch the neck when hungry, while gouldians have their mouthmarkings and only open and move the mouth. C3: Society finches do the work, because I know a breeder who breed canaries and gouldians and he switch the eggs only under society finches.

Canaries as Foster Parents for

Gouldian Finches

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