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In the age of digital photography, we hardly think back to the time before or at the beginning of the photography. Pictorial views from this time usually exist only as paintings. The one who was devoted to the fine art, had to bring a lot of patience and feeling, for good and truthfully pictorial representations for comparisons, studies and especially for us in our day and age. Because this art we can now see the development of the shapes and types our canaries and also other birds during the centuries. Below you will find a selection of paintings from canaries and other birds from the past.
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White Chopper Canary
     Varigated Yellow        Roller Canary
Cinnamon Canaries
Chopper Canary
YYorkshire Canary orkshire Canary 9
   Yorkshire Canaries
   Yorkshire Canaries
Scotch Fancy Canary
Scotch Fancy Canaries
Scotch Fancy Canaries
Manchester or Lancashire Coppy Canaries
Manchester or Lancashire Coppy Canaries
Manchester or Lancashire Coppy Canary
Border Fancy Canaries
Ticked Buff Border Fancy Canary
Different Type Canaries
Cinnamon Marked Norwich Canary
Coloured Plainhead Norwich Canary
Crested Norwich Canaries
Wing Marked Dark Crested Norwich Canary
 Belgian Canaries (Bossu Belge)
Belgian Canaries (Bossu Belge)
Clear Cap Yellow Lizard Canary
London Fancy Canaries
Gloster  Corona Canary
   Linnet Canary Mules
Hybrid Canary x Goldfinch
Red Siskin Male
Red Siskin Female
Carolina Parakeets
Carolina Parakeets
Carolina Parakeets