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The knowledge about the general use of BLACK MINERAL is not new. For decades experienced English pigeon fanciers, also canary and budgerigar breeders know about the benefits of BLACK MINERAL.  It is an environmentally functional material with the best absorption properties and not to compare with the conventional normal mineral products. Due to the special production process BLACK MINERAL powder has many cavities. It can attach different substances to their walls and then release them later. That’s why it is also called as “activated” BLACK MINERAL. It is an excellent mineral supplement for all cage and aviary birds with vital minerals & trace elements. Trace elements enable the birds to maintain an excellent resistance to most diseases, improve fertility, aid in the digestive process and serve as a catalyst for many enzymes, hormones, and essential bodily functions necessary for health and vitality. BLACK MINERAL is a must for healthy birds and can be beneficial at all times and all year round, especially in the breeding time and for racing pigeons during the racing.

     What are the direct benefits to improve the

                                 health of birds?

BLACK MINERAL can be used to assist in the maintenance of health, body condition, vitality and peak condition. It strengthens the complete immune system. BLACK MINERAL is naturally antibacterial and antifungal and that’s why a perfect natural option to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi inside the bird body as well as outside. Mix the mineral powder with tap water to form a natural detoxification drink to help in cleansing the internal tracts of the birds. Black Mineral is not 100% watersoluble, but the minerals which are trapped in the powder will start dissolving. This is a special effect of the powder and will change the water to a very good “mineral water” for birds. In this way are bacterial and fungicidal infections prevented. BLACK MINERAL thus reduced the mortality rate caused by the disease "Black Spot"  and prevent the Going-Light-Syndrome. BLACK MINERAL  speed up metabolism and increase body temperature. Every kind of bird can eat BLACK MINERAL all year round. Among other things, BLACK MINERAL contains important minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, sodium etc. Scientists believe that BLACK MINERAL contains many hundred kinds of minerals, medicinal benefits and effects.

There are several ways for the administration:

BLACK MINERAL is given especially during the whole breeding time when feeding the youngsters. 1.  Mix the powder with tap water. 2.  Serve the powder in a finger draw for breeding pairs      or in a small food container for a large number of      birds. The birds will eat it, if it’s instinctively      necessary to cover mineral deficits. 3.  Coat the seed with oil and sprinkle the mineral      powder on it. 4.  Mix the BLACK MINERAL powder with egg- or      softfood.
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