Jabot/Craw/ Waistcoat In Frilled canaries, the frills on the breast curling inwards towards the center in the form of a frilly shirt-front, or closed shell. Joint capsule The thick, fibrous capsule surrounding a joint, as around the knee. Keel The narrow middle portion of a bird's sternum.. Lacing Of the Lizard: the fine margin of lighter colour around the edges of the wings covert feathers. Lacrimal dischargea A discharge from the tear glands near the eye. Latent Dormant or concealed; a latent infection refers to the situation in which a disease condition is not apparent. Lentogenic Refers to a form of Newcastle disease virus that is mildly virulent as measured in chickens. Lesion An abnormal change in tissue or an organ due to disease or injury. Lethal Factor The Lethal Factor is the result of a defective gene that causes a disturbance in the development of the growing organism that then causes it to die. Lethargy Abnormal drowsiness or stupor. Leucocytozoon Blood parasites transmitted by black flies of the family Simulidae. Lightly Variegated A bird in which less than half of its plumage has dark pigmentation. More light than dark. Livestock Domestic animals raised for food and fiber commonly refers to animals such as hogs, sheep, cattle, and horse Lore As lores is called - the surface on each side of a bird's head between the eye and the upper base   of the beak - the surface between the eye and nostril in snakes. Lumps A feathered cyst in canaries read more> Lyme disease An infectious disease that is caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi and transmitted by ticks.
Immune Being resistant to a disease. lmmunosuppressive therapy A medical treatment that suppresses the normal immune response. Impaction An abnormal accumulation of food or other ingested materials that become lodged in a section of the digestive tract. Immune system The combination of host body defenses that guard against infectious disease. Incidence The number of new cases of a disease occurring in a population within a certain time period. Inclusion body A structure within the cytoplasm or nucleus of a cell; a characteristic of some viral diseases, inclussion bodies occur in only a few species. Incubation period The time interval required for the development of disease; the time between the invasion of the body by a disease agent and the appearance of the first clinical signs. Indigenous Native to a particular area. Indirect life cycle A life cycle that requires more than one host for its completion. Infection The invasion and multiplication of an infectious agent in host body tissues. Infectious agent A living organism capable of invading another. Infective Capable of producing infection. Infestation Parasitic invasion of external surfaces of a host. Insecticides Pesticides used to kill insects. Intensive Canaries showing no frosting on it’s feather tip Intermediate host An organism in which a parasite undergoes a stage of asexual development. lntracellular parasite A parasitic organism, usually microscopic, that lives within the cells of the host animal. Isabel In coloured canaries the dilute cinnamon or brown mutation. Ivory Another mutant form in coloured canaries consisting of a dilution of the yellow or red lipochrome
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