Ecology The study of the interrelationships between living organisms and their environment. Ectoparasite A parasite that lives on the external surface, or in the integument, of its host. Endemic A disease that commonly is present within a population or a geographical area. Endogenous phase Developmental phase of the life cycle of a parasite that occurs within the host. Endoparasite A parasite that lives within the body of its host. Enteritis Inflammation of the intestine. Enzootic An animal disease that commonly is present within a population or geographical area Epidemic The presence of a disease in a population or in an area in a higher than expected prevalence, or rate. Epithelial cells Cells that cover the external and internal surfaces of the body. Epizootic  A disease affecting a greater number of animals than normal; typically, occurrences involving many animals in the same region at the same time. Epizootiology  The study of the natural history of disease in animal populations. Erythrocytes Red blood cells; serve to transport oxygen throughout the body. Esophagus The passage extending from the mouth to the stomach. Estrildidae = Waxbill finches Estrogenic Possessing characteristics of the hormone estrogen; estrogenic compounds may elicit the development of feminine characteristics in male animals. Eumelanin A black or brown form of the pigment melanin as is to be found Even Marked A bird whose markings are evenly balanced on either side of the body. Exotic disease A disease that normally does not occur within a particular area. Exotoxin A toxin formed and excreted by bacterial cells. Eye Maked A bird with a dark mark touching one or both eyes. Fancy Epithet attached to the names of several breeds (Border Fancy, Gloster Fancy etc.). It denotes a breed that has been developed for paricular points of beauty, based upon arbitrary characteristics that have been agreed upon by fanciers. Fauna The animals of an area Fawn Fawn is a light yellowish-brown color Femur The thigh bone of humans; the upper legbone in hooved mammals and birds. The bone between the pelvis and the knee. Feral pigeon Rock dove. Fins Of Frilled canaries, bunches of feathers starting from just above the thighs and curling outwards and upwards around the wings. Fledge date The fledge date is the time when a young bird develops the whole plumage include wing feathers that it is large enough for flight out from the nest. Flighted in coloured canaries a bird having moulted out it’s flight feathers. Foul An otherwise dark self coloured bird that may have some white feathers (not more than three in number) in the wings or tail. (also foul tail and foul wings) Fungicides Chemicals that kill fungi.
Gallinaceous birds  Heavy-bodied, chicken like land birds. Includes ring-necked pheasant, quails, goose and wild turkey. Gapes See gapeworm. Gapeworm Parasites of the trachea of birds; synonym for tracheal worms. Gastrointestinal tract The tubular organs that form a digestive pathway from the mouth to the vent, including the stomach and intestines. Gene A piece of information, stored in a code in DNA, which tells the body how to make a particular protein. Gizzard  The enlarged muscular ventriculus (stomach) of many birds Ground Colour The basic lipochrome colour of a feather ignoring any melanins that may be present. Hawaiian forest birds Native and introduced avifauna of the forested areas of the Hawaiian Islands. Includes such species as sparrows, finches, cardinals, honeycreepers, and thrushes. Helminths  Parasitic worms. Hemagglutinin Group of naturally occuring glycoproteins that cause red blood cells to agglutinate, or clump together, The substances are found in plants, invertebrates and certain microorganisms.The presence of hemagglutinin on influenza viruses enables the viruses to bind to sialic acid on the surface of cells in host animals. There ar 16 forms of hemagglutinin, designated H1 thorugh H16, associated with influenza type A viruses. Together with various forms of a viral antigenic protein called neuraminidase, hemagglutinin is used to distinguish between subtupes of influenza A viruses. (e.g. H5N1) Hemosporidia Protozoan blood parasitesHemoglobin - the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells. Hemozoin A dark pigment produced from the hemoglobin in the host's red blood cells by malarial parasites that collect in tissues, such as the spleen and liver, causing those organs to appear grayish to dark brown or black. Hepatitis Inflammation of the liver. Hepatomegaly Enlargement of the liver. Herbicides Chemicals used to kill unwanted vegetation. Hermaphroditic Organisms that possess both male and female functional reproductive organs. Herpesvirus One of the major groups of related viruses that have DNA nucleic acids and that are further characterized by similar size, shape, and physiochemical reactions. Hippoboscid flies A group of wingless and winged parasitic flies found on birds and mammals. Histoplasmosis A disease of humans caused by inhalation of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. History As it refers to wildlife disease investigations, a record of background information and chronological events associated with a die-off. Homeostasis The tendency toward equilibrium; refers to the capacity of living organisms to  maintain internal body environmental conditions necessary for survival. Husbandry practice The care and maintenance of animals.
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