Once of the essential properties of living organisms is the metabolism. If the metabolism breaks down all other bodily activities will soon come to a standstill. A very important task of the metabolism machinery is to provide sufficient energy. Fats and carbohydrates are the important sources of energy, with the protein components, amino acids. The quantity of energy the birds needs is divided into the amount required for maintenance living, that is circulation, respiration or digestion and the amount needed for performance, that is growth, vigorous pysical activity or reproduction. Therefore it is vital, that a bird receives sufficient energy-yielding nutrients to cover its total energy requirements.
These are the import essential substances in a well-balanced diet:                                                 VITAMINS                                                 AMINO ACIDS                                                     MINERALS                                                         FATTY ACIDS                                                   WATER
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    Good Seed Mixtures A good seed mixture gives the bird all important nutrients that it needs. Well selected seeds in the seed mixtures contain a varying mix of fats, proteins and carbohydrates... more details about seed>
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