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There are numerous infectious diseases caused by an extraordinary variety of viruses, bacteria, parasites and other organisms to attack the bodies’ cells of our birds. For this reason, a protection to avoid an infection is very important. Prevention before treatment should be the principle for the bird keeping. Clean cages and food containers, good and clean nutrition and daily change the water, reduce the risk for an infection. The supply of a clean, dry aviary decreases the birds’ exposure to pathogens. Additional good management practices, good diet and effective parasite control strengthen the immune system and increase thus resistance to disease. Even if new animals are purchased, it is also recommended that this birds come initially in quarantine. Seperat this birds for one month and control them. At the first sign of an illness, it is advisable to contact a vet.

It is important for every bird breeder to have a good

working knowledge of the common diseases.

Bird breeder needs to be able to recognize the early

symptoms of disease, know how to manage routine

problems, but at the same time also know when it is

time to contact the vet.

We classify the infections into the following


Bacterial Diseases Viral Diseases         Parasitic Diseases Infections caused by a fungal or a life form that doesn’t fit into the classification of either a bacteria or a virus Toxic Diseases Micro-nutrient (Vitamin/Mineral) Diseases Physical/Traumatic Diseases
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