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We give our birds daily seed, vitamins and minerals, but why is “PURE ORGANIC BIRD CHARCOAL for the birds also important? PURE ORGANIC BIRD CHARCOAL is also an additional source of minerals and may be important for the digestion regulation. Specifically Gouldian finches need organic bird charcoal to maintain a healthy digestive tract. In their wild habitat they will find PURE ORGANIC BIRD CHARCOALfrom forest or brush fires. As an avian digestive aid helps bird charcoal to fight against hyperacidity in the stomach and the crop. Not only Gouldian finches like to eat it, also other birds such as canaries and other finches take the charcoal. Offer “PURE ORGANIC BIRD CHARCOAL as a free choice in a treat cup. If necessary, the bird will take the charcoal to the required amount by themselves.
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