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Is it recommended to give antibiotic for birds as a preventative measure? During my years as a birdbreeder and birdkeeper I never administered antibiotics or other drugs to my birds without a reason. I often heard that breeder at the beginning of the breeding period administer their birds with many kind of antibiotics to prevent various diseases. In my experience, this is pointless. A preventive treatment can not prevent a subsequent infection with bacterias during the whole breeding season. A comparison of the household: The best floor cleaner will not help for a long time, if you after the clean up of the floor make it dirty again. Water and food must be clean. Daily changes is the best prevention against bacterias. These also include the regular cleaning of the cage and accessories.
Nestlings are dying The Black Spot is a common disease in canaries, finches, also in other kind of birds. During the last few years this infection has progressed. Can this disease be stopped?   


IIn this cage bacterias have a good breeding ground...
... and any preventive measures are pointless!
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